How to Store Real Urine

How to Store Real Urine for a Urine Test

How to Store Real Urine

How to save your urine for use in an inspection at a much later day can be quite a challenge. Of course, all of us have a couple of things that make life suck for sure. For a stoner, nothing does that more than taking a urine test every so often.

If you usually find it difficult for you to fight the temptation to take or if that THC is so ingrained in your system, you could do what some people are tempted to do. You could have a companion give you some of their urine and give it to your doc, employee representative, or guardians need an example of human urine.

The challenge sets come you need urine to stay reasonable for some extended duration.

The thing with human urine is that its segments begin escaping balance very quickly because of bacterial activity.

This implies you’ll have to concoct an appropriate method to store it if you don’t hand it over for testing in the next hour.

The redeeming quality of human urine is that it tends to be stored away for as long as a half year.

However, how you save it is the thing that decides its quality and suitability when the time comes.

The good thing is that it’s possible to store urine and ensure it remains as fresh and usable as it was when urinated. But you need to use the right strategy. Here are the tips you need.

  • Collect the Urine Correctly

Whether or not your urine sample, a urine test will be good enough for testing begins directly from the collection point.

When gathering urine, it’s imperative to forestall defilement with remote operators that may bring down your odds of having the best urine sample for testing.

Sweat from your hands and dirt; for example, can meddle with the quality of your urine by introducing some impurities. For instance, your sweat has a different viscosity and pH level.  The tidiness of the container likewise matters a great deal.

Other than guaranteeing the quality of the urine and increasing the acceptability of the protected example, proper storage helps keep the urine safely away. Remember that urine is viewed as a biohazard.

The appropriate collection is your number-one consideration.

  • How You Store the Urine

Now that you have collected your urine the right way, the next thing is how you store it. What you save the urine in is of most extreme significance as well.

You could utilize either a re-sealable bag or a container depending on the duration you plan to keep the urine.

A re-sealable bag is the right choice because it possesses all the necessary qualities if the test is booked inside 24 hours from the hour of urine assortment.

If you are refrigerating or freezing the pee for over a day, a bottle may be the ideal approach. Such a container decreases the danger of spillages.

The sort (glass or plastic) and size are things to remember as well.  An 8-ounce water jug may possess all the necessary qualities just in case plan to freeze the freezing the urine for a month or two.

Just in case you’ll be putting away the urine longer than this, you’ll have to go with an 8-ounce glass bottle since it offers the best impermeable seal.  Would it be advisable for you to use a much bigger container?  Indeed, there does not impede the amount of urine that you can store.

Be that as it may, 16oz is a good option if there’s no chance of consistently getting clean urine repeatedly for a long time.

The constraint to putting away so much urine is that you can’t refreeze the rest of what remains in case you use part of it once you have defrosted/warmed the urine.

  • When and How You Store the Urine

Urine that is intended for guaranteed testing ought to be given over inside the initial 4 minutes.

On Your Body

If you’ve recently gathered the urine from your benefactor and you plan to hand it over for testing in 60 minutes, you won’t need to refrigerate or freeze it.

Of importance is how to keep the temperature within the adequate range – somewhere in the field of 90F and 100F (32c and 38c).

The best thought here is to store the urine in a re-sealable bag and afterwards places it near your body to guarantee that the new sample won’t lose any heat. The most viable region to store it is around your thighs.

Putting it under the bosoms additionally accomplishes work (for the women) just that it may be riotous to get out, that is, if you’ll be gathering the urine in a watched situation.

When to Refrigerate

On the off chance that the test is planned anyplace between 24 hours after urine assortment, refrigeration gets essential. The significance of this is to keep the temperatures at around 39 degrees F (approximately 3.8 degrees Celsius).

This forestalls the multiplication of microbes (fast increment) that would some way facilitate urine breakdown.

When to Freeze

As I revealed to you before, it’s conceivable to store human urine for times of as long as a half year without losing its practicality and usability.

Putting away your urine for such extended periods may be necessary, for example, if you are in perfect shape currently. Still, you want to use some drugs that might interfere with the quality of your urine.

What’s more, you should freeze the urine if you mean to quit consuming some recommended medications that your physician intends to will test frequently.

Regardless of whether you are freezing or refrigerating the urine, it’s significant that you mark it effectively.

This is vital, especially if there are a few other people who will store their samples in the same in the fridge or cooler. You don’t want to have a mix-up and end up with the wrong example when the time comes.

How to Store a Real Urine

Submitting your Urine Sample

Regardless of whether you had solidified or just refrigerated the urine, you’ll have to think of an approach to warm it to the necessary temperature since you obviously can’t submit it in that condition.

With solidified or frozen urine, it’s okay to let it to de-freeze at room temperature.

Contingent upon the volume of the urine, the urine should defrost totally in 10-15 minutes.

It’s generally so enticing to hasten the defrosting procedure by warming the urine in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and most sources prescribe it incidentally. So, it’s an option you can take. You could do it.

But remember to be cautious since the danger of overheating and destroying the nature of the urine is exceptionally significant.

There are a few other more secure methods for warming urine for a drug test other than warming it in a microwave. The most well-known is making use of a heating pad that is usually used to heat Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine.

These are expendable pads that warm and hold the urine at the necessary temperature until you are through with the test.

To What Extent is a Urine Useful for a Drug Test?

The issue of to what extent a urine test is useful for a medication test is just applicable when you are considering storing urine to pass the test. Urine test have made and damaged a few people in various circles of life. There are yet a few factors that decide things like this.

How long your urine samples will stay useful for testing depends on all the factors discussed above. Instance, if you store your sample poorly, expect that bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms will find their way to your sample. They will not just be present in the sample, but they will keep multiplying, and your urine will get darker and start emitting a foul odor.

To avoid this, you must be very careful about how you collect, store, and submit your urine sample.

Okay suppose you don’t want to store any real urine – whether yours or anybody else’s – what other options do you have?

Some Funny Drawbacks

If somebody from your workplace visits your your home and discover your urine stash and small secret; you and the person might be in for a rude shock.

Furthermore, regardless of the amount, you might need to your source (if you are using borrowed urine) you never know. They may have had a few poppy seed biscuits the day preceding, giving you the example and be uninformed that it would cause a positive outcome for narcotics that end up costing you your activity.

Third, if there’s a power blackout in your neighborhood while you’re busy working, the samples could partially or de-freeze only refreeze once the power returns on. When you go to use the urine, it’s dismissed because it began breaking down because of the freeze/de-freeze cycles.


Despite the few funny drawbacks mentioned above, the truth is that you can easily store your urine samples for use much later. But make sure you follow all the safety tips to ensure the urine remains uncontaminated and properly stored until the time comes when you have to use it.


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