Passing a nicotine test with synthetic urine

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The day of your urine screening is fast approaching, and you’re stressing out. How will it affect your employment? Is there legal action for not passing a drug test?

All these questions and more spark your imagination as you contemplate what to do to remedy your situation. You obviously know that you cannot pass your urine screening on your own, but what can you do?

Quick Fix Synthetic urine becomes a viable option for helping you maintain that job, pass that court-mandated urinalysis, or stay in your sports program. Synthetic urine has become one of the most significant resources for those who are in need of negative urine screening.

But how is that possible? What are the chances of getting caught, you ask? We will give you some information on what synthetic urine is, what it does, and how it can help you pass urine screenings from now on.

Why is Synthetic Urine Such a Great Resource?

A urine test takes a sample of the liquid (human urine) and runs it through certain materials to see if there is evidence of drugs in the system. This process involves detecting chemicals that are created in the body by the nicotine and passed out by the individual in their urine.

It is common for people to use synthetic urine in these tests to ensure that they come back negative for all nicotine, and it is completely safe to use. This product is easy to buy online along with all the heating pads and instructions to make sure it complies fully with the company’s testing standards.

Synthetic urine is also guaranteed to give negative results for other kinds of substances as well. Spectrum Labs, the creator of Quick Fix synthetic urine, includes all of the different chemicals, compounds, and nutrients into its product so that you have a 100% guarantee of passing your urinalysis.

Quick Fix Synthetic is continuously improving their formulas so that they stay ahead of laboratories and competitors.

As laboratories are trying to create new technologies and methods for deciphering what is real urine and what is fake, Quick Fix Synthetic does not worry about its product. We are fully confident in the synthetic urine that we send to our customers.

How Does Synthetic Urine Specifically Help with Nicotine Testing?

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When companies are explicitly testing for nicotine, there are two things they are looking for in your urine: nicotine and cotinine.

Synthetic urine is critical to buy if you have had regular exposure to nicotine, because cotinine, which is the byproduct of nicotine in your system, can stay in your system for up to three weeks, according to

So even if you decide to quit smoking, you are still susceptible to having a positive nicotine screening for a while.

Just thinking about possibly failing your urinalysis for something that you don’t even do anymore can be stressful, but that is why synthetic urine is so helpful.

Most companies do not give your much notice in advance (if at all) about their upcoming urine screenings; Having Quick Fix at the drop of a hat can be a lot more calming.

There are multiple types of tests that companies and institutions use to test for nicotine. There are blood tests, urine tests, and saliva tests.

However, if you research nicotine testing online, you will find that urine tests are the most frequently used by employers based on their affordability and their accuracy.

So before you go online and google “how to pass mouth swab test,” you should know that MOST nicotine screenings are done through urine samples.

What Should You Know When Buying Synthetic Urine?

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There is not one product that will suit all uses in nicotine testing. This is why knowing the facts before using the synthetic urine is crucial to a customer.

For example, there are certain U.S. states that can test for uric acid in the urine, which is why those living in Washington State, Oregon, and Hawaii will need to order specifically designed urine that can pass these tests.

Quick Fix Synthetics sells urine that contains urea, or uric acid for these types of tests. Because there are different formulas with different chemicals in them, it is always best to speak to a representative who can assist you in purchasing the correct product for the type of testing you will need.

It is also worth understanding the risks of using these samples, as some testing units will ask the employee to empty their pockets and take off their jackets before going in for testing.

In these circumstances, a person can use a special strap that keeps the sample undetectable by being strapped to the thigh. Quick Fix Synthetic comes with the type of equipment needed to prevent your employers from catching on to what you are doing. 

Also, when you use synthetic urine, you have to make sure that when you are turning the sample in, it is within 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Human urine is generally between 94 to 98 degrees when it leaves the body, and of course, synthetic urine has to be equivalent to that to pass a screening, so make sure you can gauge what the temperature is before turning it in.

If you are still worried about passing a nicotine test even after you have bought a synthetic urine product, you can also always purchase nicotine test urine strips to check the validity of the urine before the day of the screening.

These types of nicotine test strips are available everywhere online, from to eBay, they are cheap and come in multiples so you can check the synthetic urine at different times during its shelf life.

Need Synthetic Urine? We Can Help!

QuickFix Synthetic Single

If you have a lot of questions and have not been able to find many answers, call Quick Fix Synthetic today! You can reach us at (866) 420-4574 and we can help you get some assurance on the effectiveness of our product and the peace of mind that comes with it.

We can also help learn how to pass mouth swab tests. Quick Fix Synthetic has been producing quality synthetic urine for many years and your satisfaction is our priority.

You can reach a representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nicotine testing should not be contributing stress to your daily life, call us now!



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