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Quick Fix 6.2: The New Beast for 2019

The New Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Has Landed

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Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine to the rescue

Unless you’re sitting on Mars, you have likely heard of Quick Fix, also known as synthetic urine. (Well, at least during your college days in the career hall.) Let me provide you with the proper introduction for this yellow gold.

Synthetic urine is an artificially synthesized substance. An educated chemist who can stimulate the pee produces the urine in a lab. Synthetic urine has the exact composition, structure and chemical properties of liquids your body ingests, which gives it the appearance of human urine.

In some cities across the world, it’s used for calibration on specimen screening equipment in laboratories. It also works for—well, you guessed it! Now on to Quick Fix 6.2 101 class.


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In the realm of the medical cannabis boom and an economy that’s thriving right now, you might find yourself in a Google search for fake pee. What are we getting at here? Does it work?

The answer is yes in most cases, but depending on what you have researched and the brand you buy, it can be the difference between an embarrassing situation or walking out of the lab feeling like Tom Brady.

Now everyone who has ever needed to sub urine for a urine test knows that the biggest name out there is Quick Fix by Spectrum labs—also known as the beast! The name is Urineluck; the game is helping people keep their medical life private for over 20 years.


The company and their product have experienced lots of new changes. As of January 2018, Spectrum was in anticipation of their latest release and delivered the Quick Fix 6.2 formula. Now one might wonder why a new version? What’s the deal with my current Quick fix batch? Will it still work?

As we all know, new product releases can occur from time to time as part of the branding— just ask Coca-Cola. These exciting new features are sure to capture your attention and reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about when they hand you the specimen cup.  

Quick Fix has new packaging: a new sleek design which indeed halts some of the counterfeit issues. It clearly states you buy direct or from an authorized source if you want to be safe. The days of buying $7 Quick Fix kits on eBay will be over once people realize it’s likely a counterfeit Quick Fix product.

Hopefully, they’ll distinguish it before they get that dreaded phone call of confirmation.


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YES! In fact, the release of the new Quick Fix 6.2 formula should put any doubters at ease. Any changes made to this liquid gold is only to increase the quality to meet your satisfaction. It should be clear we take the synthetic urine business seriously.

Be aware; some knock-off products envy Quick Fix and try to sell you products in disguise. Not only has Spectrum labs addressed counterfeit issues by designing new packaging, but we will also combat it by all means necessary to protect our great name.

Next on deck is a question we get a lot: does Quick Fix 6.2 contain uric acid? Yes, the new Quick Fix 6.2 formula includes both uric acid and urea pre-mixed in every kit.

That ensures the user the package is ready to go in any state lab who runs any lab test both gas-chromatography and mass spectrometry and I-cup/e screens. In case you have no idea what chromatography-mass spectrometry is, we have provided a little link below so you can get your science on.


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Now a lot of online searches go into picking the right product for your unique situation. Not everyone may necessarily require synthetic urine, but it’s the most reliable source.

Some other products may not be compatible with your body composition, leaving you in a humiliating situation or worse.

You might run across things like urine therapy, pranking your friends, or fetish-related articles and that’s likely 200% bullshit, and it’s wasting your precious research time. I’m not sure about you, but I am not spending 35 dollars or more to prank my buddies nor squirt my girlfriend down with fake piss.  

But hey it’s ok to be into different things we don’t judge, I would like to think the majority of us all know why someone might use synthetic urine and we don’t have to put it out there.

Typically, using synthetic urine is hardly an experience to look forward to and is nerve-racking to begin with, but, we must put our faith in a higher power, so yes thank a chemist if you meet one.


Moving forward to the most important: is this the best synthetic urine in 2019? Yes, our company continues to deliver on every front. We ran a validity test on the new Quick Fix 6.2 formula, and it passed on every phase.

The urine samples Ph levels, creatine, color, and specific gravity were exact and guaranteed to pass whatever test lies ahead of you. As the cat and mouse games between testing labs continue, you must be at the forefront of technology. If passing a urine test is mandatory, we recommend nothing else then the newest Quick Fix 6.2 formula!





About Chris Wilder

Chris Wilder spent many years working as a part-time phlebotomist, [and yes he knows all the vampire jokes] while honing his writing skills. In 2017 he gave up playing around with blood to become a full-time writer. While dealing with blood might seem a cold and analytical vocation, his role of phlebotomist required dealing with nervous patients who needed plenty of empathy and compassion, Chris has carried this over to his written work. He believes that Quick Fix Synthetic products are the best chance of success. With his wide knowledge in this field and his understanding of how urine drug tests can affect the lives of everyday people like you and me, Chris can explain in layman's turns all the important information you need to know. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and check out local bands drinking a glass or two of his favorite Makers Mark Bourbon, while enjoying a recreational smoke. To keep himself in shape he takes extremely short walks with Lola, his incredibly lazy pet pug.