Best Products for Passing Drug Tests

The Best Products for Passing Piss Tests

Best Products for Passing Piss Tests

The use of controlled and banned substances has always been a part of life. Altering human consciousness is a practice that dates back to the first human civilizations, and that certainly rings true today. Modern science has also detected the risks and dangers of the use of those substances, bringing drug prevention [1] and testing to the forefront.

More than fifty percent of companies in the U.S. perform urine screening on candidates applying for jobs [2], and more than thirty percent of those organizations conduct testing on their current employees. The consequences of a failed urine screen can be severe and affect the careers and lives of those who test positive.

A whole industry has emerged on the back of the drug testing trend. Companies and individuals are developing products to trick the system, invalidate test results, or improve the chances of passing a urine test. Some of the products for passing urine test are pure snake-oil, while others do offer certain benefits.

In this article, we will point out groups of products that might help you score a negative result without promoting any individual products or companies.

Detox Drinks

Detox is by far the most popular product category when it comes to beating urine tests. The focus on detox drinks is on beating the urine test, which is the preferred method of testing for most companies. Products within this category work in similar ways, but the quality does seem to differ, depending on the ingredients and the detox process.

Detox drinks can improve your chances of passing a urine test by:

  • Increasing the metabolic rate and accelerating the excretion of drug elements from your urine.
  • Introducing “masking” agents that can influence the test results
  • Performing a quick cleanse in the hours before the test

While the validity of claims by the manufacturers of these products is yet to be confirmed, there is definite evidence that detoxing before a pee test has a beneficial effect on the concentration of drug elements in the urine. Don’t expect these products to perform miracles hours before a scheduled test, though.

Pass a Piss Test Kit

Another popular product category, these kits are often centered around specific toxins, such as Pass a Marijuana Test Kit or Pass a CBD Drug Test Kit. The kits usually have several items included, like a home drug test that you can perform on yourself, an instructional manual or booklet, and the “product” that should help with the excretion or masking of the toxin you have consumed.

The point of these kits is to provide a one-stop solution to passing a pee test. Once again, the manufacturers tend to make outrageous claims about their products, so manage your expectations carefully when using these products.

Mouthwashes and Cleansers

Mouth swab (saliva) tests have also grown in popularity due to their affordability and ease of use. Home test kits are available in most pharmacies and drug stores. The test can be performed even by individuals with little or no training.

Since the introduction of the mouth swab (saliva) tests, manufacturers have been trying to come up with products that could beat the test. The most popular products in the category are mouthwashes or cleansers. The drugs stay in the blood and saliva for the shortest time, making saliva-based tests easier to beat.

Mouthwashes and cleansers are intended to be used in the hours leading up to the saliva test. Using the product just before the test can cleanse the mouth from the old saliva that might have a higher concentration of drug elements. It also dilutes the new saliva with masking agents.

Most high-quality products in this category do have a positive effect, but it comes with a hitch. The closer they are used to a test, the more effective they are, which poses problems. Some companies might have a mandatory period that a test subject has to spend without consuming anything orally before the test, for example.


Some organizations prefer using hair follicle screening tests. The advantage of these tests is that they are by far the most accurate tests when it comes to determining if a person has used controlled or illegal substances in the period leading up to the test. Drug elements and traces can be detected in hair follicles more than ninety days after consumption.

It is only logical that the industry would then develop shampoos to beat the hair follicle test. These products include chemicals and solutions that are supposed to mask the drug elements found in hair follicles [3] or completely rid the hair of them.

They are not recommended for long-term use since they are harsh on the scalp and the hair, causing severe issues when used instead of regular shampoos. They are intended for single-use right before the hair follicle test.

Synthetic Urine, Sample Diluters, and Adulterers

These products target the most desperate group of people—those who know they are going to fail a urine test. Resorting to diluting or adulterating the urine sample is dangerous. You might be caught during the test and suffer even harsher consequences than failing a piss test.

Urine diluters have various “masking” agents and solutions that are supposed to create a diluted urine sample. These products result in deficient drug element concentration—low enough to pass the test. Urine sample adulterers introduce agents and solutions that are supposed to eliminate the traces of drugs in your urine.

Synthetic urine is a different beast altogether. It is difficult to detect because it has a similar pH value and content to natural urine. Specific tests are needed to identify them accurately. Using synthetic urine is your safest bet to generate a negative urine result, but it comes with a big challenge.

You have to substitute your urine with a synthetic one during the actual test. Stories of people getting caught are prolific.


There are thousands of products advertised over the internet claiming incredible results. Be careful and do your research before purchasing any products to pass a urine test. Few products have been proven to perform miracles, so educate yourself on how tests work and follow the best practices on how to prepare for them.



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