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Companies That Urine Test

Walmart is the United States’ largest employer, and it wants your urine. Nor is it the only one. Many Fortune 500 companies – Cisco Systems, Costco, FedEx, Quest, UPS, Home Depot, and Lowes – and other big-time employers across a variety of industries want your urine before they will hire you.

In fact, recent surveys suggest that well over half of employers require a urine test.

No, these companies don’t all have some weird fetish; they just expect prospective employees to submit to pre-employment urine testing. This is deeply troubling for anyone concerned with sacrificing medical privacy simply in order to land a job.

Thankfully, Quick Fix Synthetic urine is available to protect your privacy without compromising your employment hopes.  All these companies will run lab tests for synthetic urine, but we know that Quick Fix has you covered.

Urine Testing for Information

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Urine testing can provide a disturbing amount of information about a person. Depending on the tests used, it can tell the tester what you eat and drink, how much you exercise, how well your kidneys work, whether you are pregnant, and what medications you are on.

It can also indicate specific bacteria or diseases you may carry along with countless other personal facts which are really none of their business.

Urine testing can also tell whether you have smoked nicotine or other substances recently. It can take as long as two weeks for nicotine and even more time than that for other substances leave the body, depending on the amount and frequency of smoking.

Gender plays a role in the elimination of “by-products of indulgence,” as women tend to process nicotine quicker, especially if they are on birth control pills, according to Medical News Today.

A person’s overall health and age will affect the rate that nicotine leaves the body. So don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s been a few weeks since you last indulged, you are safe.  

In today’s data security climate, it would be foolish to trust in the diligence and discretion of testers to be able to guarantee protection of private medical information. After all, misuse of urine tests is not unheard of.

The Washington D.C. Police Department, for example, admitted in 1988 to having used urine samples to screen female employees for pregnancy without their knowledge or consent.

What About States Where It’s Legal?

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There are now many states that have legalized the medical and recreational use of cannabis. But the fact that you may live in a state where recreational or medical cannabis use is legal does not mean that it is alright with your prospective employer.

If you are a federal employee, for example, you must follow the federal guidelines regarding the use of any substances.

Courts have ruled that employers still have the right to require a workplace free from many different substances. It doesn’t matter to a significant number of companies that your doctor supports the use of medical cannabis to help with your muscle spasms or back pain.

Your employer may have safety concerns and an entire list of medications banned for use by employees.  

Sharing your personal medical information is not necessary to get a job, and your reluctance to do so says nothing about the kind of employee you will be. Even the United States Supreme Court has ruled that urinalysis is an intrusion on privacy both when it is collected and when it is tested.

While this is relevant only to government-compelled urinalysis and not pre-employment testing, it nevertheless affirms a basic right to discretion.

You have every right to keep your medical information to yourself, which is why our company was founded on the basic human principles of freedom, discretion and privacy. Quick Fix Synthetic’s fake urine can shield you from invasive corporate spying and free you to shine in your new job.

Major Businesses That Drug Test Their Employees

Does McDonald’s drug test?

Typically, McDonald’s does not drug test employees, but this can vary by location. McDonald’s is one of the largest employers in the United States – and the world, for that matter – so it somewhat takes all willing workers on as employees. If you are filing for workers comp, however, there is a very high likelihood that you will get tested. These tests can vary from urine tests to mouth swabs, with mouth swabs being much easier to pass.

Does Walmart drug test?

Most Walmart employees are not drug tested except for during the interview process – but even that is unlikely. Walmart does, however, perform drug tests for higher-ranking positions, including managers and shift leaders. If you get hurt on the job, expect a swift drug test, as well. Walmart is not afraid to spend money on testing to save money from a lawsuit in the long run.

Does Home Depot drug test?

Home depot absolutely does rug test. While a few locations may waiver on this policy, you should expect drug testing during your tenure. With so many hazardous tools and appliances on the showroom floor, though, it makes sense that they do drug tests. The company doesn’t want its employees or customers getting hurt by an individual under the influence.

Does FedEx drug test?

Depending on your position at FedEx, you might get drug tested. If you’re a driver, for example, you likely will be drug tested with some frequency. FedEx understandably doesn’t want their drivers causing accidents on the road and hurting other people because they are under the influence. If you work in the FedEx mailroom, your chances of being drug tested decrease. As a rule of thumb, expect a drug test during the interview process and possibly during your employment. Stay alert.

Does Target drug test?

This one is a little more complicated, as Target drug tests in California and some other states, but it varies. Typically, if they do a drug test, they do so during your interview process, so be prepared for that. Even if they don’t drug test you randomly at other times during your employment, they will drug test you if you get injured on the job. This practice is widespread. Companies want to cover their bases if you get injured on the clock, so they don’t take the blame if you were breaking company policy. You might not like it, but it’s a fact of life.


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