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Do you have a drug screening coming up and wondering does fake pee work? Are you looking for a way to ensure you will not have a problem passing a nicotine test? There is a full proof of nicotine free solution that will ease your mind. Men and women can use the synthetic solution.

Another wonderful thing about the solution is the similarity that it has to your natural urine. It has creatine, which is produced naturally in your body along with a balanced pH. This solution is incredible and gives you the results you need when you need them.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a brand you can trust for passing results. This synthetic urine has numerous qualities that make it top the charts for popularity and success. If you have a urinalysis screening and you don’t want to give up your recreational habits, then Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the one for you.

Keep reading to find out more about this solution to your problem.


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The synthetic urine formula provides you with a way to protect yourself, with a proven track record that it works every time. With the recipe, there is no putting together ingredients and stirring chemicals.

The synthetic solution is premixed, and it has a mini heating pad to keep your urine warm as it would be in your own body. The manufacturers thought of everything with the synthetic urine. You can get the temperature of the urine with the gauge that comes with the product.

Chemists make the synthetic urine in a lab and design it to match the contents found in normal human urine specifically. The creatine, ph levels, and uric acid are all precise to ensure that you receive a passing result. It also assures that the test won’t detect any tampering.

The solution works for males or females and goes through extensive testing in the lab before ever hitting the market for sale.

The temperature of synthetic urine should be between 94 degrees – 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can heat the urine in the microwave following the instructions on the package. If the urine is too hot, leave it out until it cools off to the correct temperature.

How To Use It

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Before taking a nicotine screening, you should heat the synthetic urine in the microwave for 10 seconds. If you do not have a microwave, you can use the small heating pad that comes with the solution.

After you heat the formula the urine should read between 94 degrees – 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be reheated several times after you have passed and used it initially.

After you heat the synthetic urine, activate the heating device and tape it to the inside of your leg or somewhere that remains warm, and no one can see the bottle. Keep it there until you arrive at the testing facility.

Once you get to the test site, check the bottle before you go in to ensure that it’s within the correct temperature range. If it is, then strapped it back in a discreet location and proceed to the facility. Keep in mind that most facilities check pockets. So, that may not be a right place to hide the bottle.

Once in the bathroom, pour the synthetic urine into the plastic cup they give you. Don’t use the entire amount because an exact amount of urine will signal a red flag. Put the bottle back on your body.

Don’t leave it in the bathroom because the staff will check behind you. Last but not least, pee a bit in the toilet. The facility staff will also look to see if there’s any urine in there to indicate that you peed.

Then wait for positive results and sigh a breath of relief.


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There are several common nicotine screening methods that labs perform. The urine nicotine screening is the most familiar and some companies are testing onsite. Hair is another nicotine screening which can also detect nicotine use.

Saliva is another way to check for nicotine use and can be identified a few hours after a substance has been taken. Sweat glands is another way to screen for nicotine use. It is not widely practiced but in certain circumstances where insurances may be involved.

It is essential that if you use synthetic urine that you do it correctly, it is full proof and works every time. You have to ensure you shake the contents and check the temperature. Make sure nothing is settled on the bottom of the container, and heat only for 10 seconds.

With a full proof system and a premixed solution you still want to follow the directions. The labs are testing for nicotine, so the temperature of the urine reads a certain way when they check it for nicotine use.

The synthetic urine is excellent to use for passing nicotine screens. Remember to keep the heating pad on you just in case you cannot get to a microwave. Do not put the urine in any other container until you get to the site, or in the restroom to ensure no mishaps.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the top brand on the market for a reason. Its premixed solution comes in discreet packaging and appears on your bank statement under a bogus name to throw off your spouse or anyone who has access to your information.

They are so sure Quick Fix will work for you that they offer a money back guarantee if your results come up positive for a substance in question. Just provide them proof of purchase and the test results and get your money back. You won’t find another brand that helps those like you pass their screenings.

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Fake or real, Boy considering the question

Beware of phony sellers on second-hand sites such as eBay. You don’t want to buy an imitation product and fail your test. It’s best to go straight to the source.

You can buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine in bulk if you expect multiple or random screenings, or you can purchase a single package for that one-time test. Check out our accessories too, such as the Synthetic Urine Belt  or some additional urine warmers. Whichever you choose, get yours today so that the plastic cup doesn’t catch you off guard.



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