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How to Flush Marijuana Out of your System

The Marijuana buzz, oh it feels great. Smoking fat hits and bong rips, watching movies and munching. It’s not uncommon for stoning sessions to last a few days.

If that has happened with you, chances are that you want to know how to flush out marijuana from your system. Worry not; you’re at the right place. 

First of all, how fast do you want marijuana to leave your body? If you’re going to get rid of it overnight, the safest way is Synthetic Pee from Quick Fix. 

Not in a hurry? There are plenty of other ways which will scrape out traces of marijuana from your body over time. But first, let’s answer some questions about marijuana in the body.

Where Does Marijuana Gets Stored In The Body?

Close up woman grabbing skin on her hip and belly with the drawing arrows,When you smoke marijuana, your lungs absorb THC, which passes to your brain through blood. This process is very rapid. As soon as the smoke comes into contact with your lungs, it spreads throughout your body.

That’s the reason why you feel high like a kite after one or two fat drags.

Traces of Marijuana stick around in your body long after you’ve smoked. Where do they get stored?

  • Saliva in your mouth
  • In your Blood
  • On your fingernails
  • In your hair [check out our detox shampoo ]
  • In your pee
  • In your fat tissues

How Long Will Marijuana Stay In My Body?

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The simple truth is, there is no hard and fast rule about how long marijuana stays in a system. The detox time varies from person to person.

Generally, traces of marijuana linger around five weeks for regular smokers. If your body fat percentage is high, your stubborn fat tissues can store traces for a more extended period. 

For occasional smokers, the traces can leave the body in as little as ten days. The more frequent you smoke weed, the hard it is to get rid of traces. It can also take more than weeks for frequent smokers to get rid of THC if they don’t take measures.

How Can I Flush Marijuana Out Of My Body?

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It’s the question you secretly dread, especially when you have a urinalysis approaching. If it’s super urgent, the safest and fastest way is with synthetic pee. 

The other ways which you can naturally flush marijuana from your body are:

Increase Water Intake

Let’s admit it. Water is our very own holy grail. It fixes most of the problems with our body. While trying to find out how to flush marijuana out of your system, one advice you’ll see repeatedly is to drink a lot of water. Lots of water.

If you keep yourself hydrated through the day, your body will flush more traces of marijuana. Make a continuous habit of drinking more water if want to get rid of marijuana altogether. It is a time taking process, though.  

You can also drink green tea; it will detoxify you and hydrate you as well.

Rigorous Exercising

Exercising is wonderful. It’s hard to do, but it’s wonderful. When you’re trying to flush marijuana out of your system, hitting the gym is very useful. If you can’t hit the gym, sprinting and jogging can work too. The main aim is to keep for body active.  

Although, exercising doesn’t guarantee that you will pass screening. Sweating it out it a long time before screening is likely to reduce the THC levels in the system. 

It will reduce the fat levels in your body in which the traces get stored.

Cutting Fatty Foods

As mentioned earlier, traces of THC get stored in the stubborn fat tissues. If your diet has fatty food in it, you have to stop. Fatty food makes detox slower.

Replacing fatty foods with green veggies and fruits will speed up detoxification. Herbal teas, juices, salads, etc. will make it easy for the body to lose the unwanted toxins.

Staying away from burgers, fries, and other fatty stuff will help you detox well.

Get Adequate Rest

When you sleep, your body relieves stress and detoxifies itself. This is the most straightforward advice on how to flush marijuana from your system. Combine sleeping with exercising, a proper diet and lots of water for significant results.

Getting a good long sleep every night during detoxification is essential. It will also reduce the temptations to smoke marijuana. If you’re finding it hard to resist, try sleeping.

Get Rid of Smoking Materials:

To be able to flush marijuana out of your system, you need to control the temptation to smoke. For that, cleaning and removing anything that reminds you of smoking will help. Sheets, roaches, pipe, bong, marijuana. Get rid of them all if you want to succeed in flushing marijuana out of your system.

If you keep the smoking materials close to you, you will be tempted to smoke. It will become more difficult for you to flush out weed from your system.

Sauna Bath

This one is a pretty exotic way to get rid of marijuana traces from your body. Spend some time daily in a sauna to make the process of flushing out a little easier.

Sauna won’t massively affect the level of THC in your body, but hey, you want to get rid of it somehow. Every small effort counts. A steamy sauna after exercising can help you achieve your clean goals.

Quit hanging out with people who smoke:

While you are trying to flush marijuana from your system, avoid hanging out with people who use pot. That way you will be immune from passive smoke, and won’t feel tempted to smoke.

Getting Rid Of Marijuana Fast And Safely

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The ways mentioned above are for flushing out the weed from your system when you have the time. If you want to remove marijuana from your system quickly, synthetic pee is the safest way.

If you have five weeks or more, you can flush marijuana out by exercising, eating well, and sweating. For instant screening, synthetic pee can save you. Quick Fix Synthetic is here to help. Contact us or shop here to order discrete and timely synthetic urine.  


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