How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last or Go Bad?

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If you have a pre-employment urine test coming up, or your job requires routine screenings for recreational or medical substances, you might be wondering about the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine you bought some time ago.

Is it still good? How long does it last? Well, set your fears aside – Quick Fix has the longest-lasting shelf life in the industry.  

Does Fake Urine go bad? What can affect my product?

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Storing your synthetic urine incorrectly can cause it to go bad way before its actual expiration date. There are 3 main factors which could negatively affect your product:

1- Sunlight

2- Exposure to oxygen

3- Extreme conditions.

1. Sunlight 

Sometimes when people move stuff around, they forget to store things at appropriate temperatures.

Having synthetic urine in contact with direct sunlight will negatively affect the pH levels in the urine; which can, in turn, affect your urinalysis results.

If you accidentally leave it out exposed to sunlight for a short amount of time—a couple of minutes or an hour—it will not affect it; however, leave it out there for more extended period of time, you might want to talk to someone at Quick Fix about what next steps you should take.

2. Exposure to Oxygen

Another factor to consider is its exposure to oxygen. On many different boards and websites, people ask the question as to whether they can use synthetic urine if they have already opened it.

Say, for instance, you took it to work thinking that your urine screening was going to be that day, opened it to check the pH or creatinine levels and then you found out that your testing won’t be for another week or two. What about the product that you already opened? Will it be okay for your next urine screening?

The answer is yes. However, the quality of the synthetic urine (regardless of which brand it is) can deteriorate the pH levels substantially if left open and exposed to oxygen and particles in the air. So if you are using the synthetic urine, please remember to seal it properly whenever you are not using it.

3. Extreme conditions and temperatures.

These can also affect the product. We do not recommend that your store synthetic urine in the refrigerator and do not freeze it.

The best option would be to store your Quick Fix product at room temperature, with no direct access to sunlight. So as long as you are keeping your synthetic urine in a room where the temperature is between 68 degrees and 75 degrees, you will be in good shape.

Does Synthetic Urine expire? 

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The answer is yes – like any other product, fake urine has an expiration date. This varies depending on the product or the manufacturer, but QuickFixSynthetic boasts of the longest lasting shelf life.

This means that our synthetic urine can be heated and cooled without affecting its ingredients within a two year period. 

After this period of time, your synthetic pee will expire – its quality, pH and creatinine levels will deteriorate, and it will be easier for a lab technician to spot it’s fake urine. 

If your QuickFix product is expired or goes bad, you should NOT use it for a drug test, as it will compromise the results.  

Since QuickFix can last two years, it’s important to verify that you are still within the time frame. So for your protection, and for a successful result, we tell you the manufacturing date of your synthetic urine.

You’ll find this information on a green insert in the package. You won’t see an actual date, however. What you’ll notice is the batch number with a code.  

Verify with the Lab

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The batch number of your particular product is on the left side of the directions on a green piece of paper or as of recent printed on the actual urine sample bottle. Don’t throw this insert away, since it contains your step by step instructions.

You can verify your batch number and get the exact date of manufacture by calling the phone number for Spectrum Labs, and they will give you the expiration date. We do recommend you verify each batch before you use it.

Tips to Make Your Synthetic Urine Last Longer

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Here’s a summary of our top tips to keep your fake pee fresh and preserve its shelf life:

  • Store it in a cool, dry place 
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight
  • Don’t expose it to oxygen
  • Always check your batch number 
  • Stay away from counterfeit products 


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There’s enough trouble in life as it is without the additional stressors of wondering if you are going to pass that pre-employment screening. It’s time to set all that worry aside and let our QuickFix synthetic urine come to the rescue.

How can you go wrong? We have a 99.9% pass rate, a money back guarantee, and an easy to use product. Check out our products and accessories, such as the Synthetic Urine Belt, and make that call today.



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