How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last or Go Bad?

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If you have a pre-employment urine test coming up, or your job requires routine screenings for recreational or medical substances, you might be wondering about the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine you bought some time ago.

Is it still good? How long does it last? Well, set your fears aside – Quick Fix has the longest-lasting shelf life in the industry.  

A Shelf Life of Two Years

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Quick Fix synthetic urine has an approximate shelf life of two years. It really depends on the product, and other companies will only guarantee it for a year. It is also recommended that it is stored away from direct sunlight, and at room temperature. Direct sunlight ca disrupt pH levels.

Quick Fix synthetic urine can also be heated and cooled without affecting its ingredients within a two year period. The synthetic urine can be heated between 90 and 100 degrees for 10 seconds in a microwave, making it suitable for use.

Since Quick Fix can last two years, it’s important to verify that you are still within the time frame. So for your protection, and for a successful result, Quick Fix tells you the manufacturing date of your synthetic urine.

You’ll find this information on a green insert in the package. You won’t see an actual date, however. What you’ll notice is the batch number with a code.  

Verify with the Lab

Quick Fix batch number

The batch number of your particular product is on the left side of the directions on a green piece of paper or as of recent printed on the actual urine sample bottle. Don’t throw this insert away, since it contains your step by step instructions.

You can verify your batch number and get the exact date of manufacture by calling the phone number for Spectrum Labs, and they will give you the expiration date. We do recommend you verify each batch before you use it.

No point in using outdated urine. And their verification process will double check that you haven’t received any expired or counterfeit products.  

Labs have created synthetic uses for scientific purpose and medicinal uses. Its process is toxin-free, clean, fresher, and better balanced. Synthetic urine is also used for alternative therapy health benefits going back over 5000 years in the Indian culture.

Other uses for fake pee include sexual fetishes, and pranks, without being concerned of the substance containing toxins or risk of disease. Synthetic pee contains all ingredients as natural urine.  It even foams a little, just like your real pee.

Please be assured that the lab tests every batch individually to guarantee your success.

Is it easy to use?

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Quick Fix can be used by men or women, as there is no difference in the process. The synthetic urine is very quick to prepare and takes approximately 15 seconds of preparation. The lab process makes it completely undetectable to see a difference between real and fake man made urine.

Preparation instructions must be followed accurately for best results. With Quick Fix, there is no measuring or mixing solutions, so heating it is as simple as it gets. The temperature strip will assure that the urine is at the correct body temperature.

The heat pad keeps the urine warm up to 6 hours, giving you ample time for whatever you intend to use it for. It is recommended to shake the bottle a little before and after heating for any settling of ingredients.

There are several methods for warming synthetic urine. For example, hand warmers are an easy and convenient process of keeping urine warm. Hand warmers are also easy to use because they can slip into pockets, socks, gloves, or any small area in your clothing.

Hand warmers are also small, and can generate heat up to 10 hours. Other methods include microwaving the urine, though it won’t last as long simulating body temperature. And foot warmers very similar to hand warmers can do the trick.

If you need to keep it at a certain temperature, purchasing some strip gauges can keep you aware of the temperature of the urine.

Quick Fix Heating Pad

Quick Fix Kit

Quick Fix also makes a discreet urine warmer designed to work with Quick Fix bottles. The pad is activated easily by shaking vigorously for 15-20 seconds. These pads will never overheat your sample, and they will keep your synthetic urine at the correct, ideal temperature of 96-98 degrees.

Having your synthetic urine at the right temp is vital for a passing score. If you miscalculate, and your urine is outside the range of normal, it’s an automatic failure. The general guidelines say that the sample must be between 90-99 degrees.  

With Quick Fix’s heating pad, there will be no more worries about whether the sample is too warm or too cold. Once the heating pad is activated, it will stay at the correct temp for approximately 10 hours.

When you don’t know exactly what time your test will be, the Quick Fix heating pad is the best way to go since it will give you the most time coverage.   

This scientific lab created a formula that has all the ingredients of well-balanced pH levels, creatine, and specific gravity that completely mimics real urine. It can also be reheated without losing any specific balance. No additional ingredients can be added or it will contaminate the balance levels.

Synthetic urine is laboratory tested to produce the highest quality of a body’s natural urine.

For quality produced synthetic urine, Quick Fix is the best lab created urine formula created and tested for undetectable similarity of real urine ingredients.

This quality produced formula, will amaze any lab trained technician of the high quality produced synthetic urine ever created. Quick Fix synthetic urine is the best synthetic made formula in the market today!

Quick Fix to the Rescue

There’s enough trouble in life as it is without the additional stressors of wondering if you are going to pass that pre-employment screening. It’s time to set all that worry aside and let Quick Fix come to the rescue.

How can you go wrong? We have a 99.9% pass rate, a money back guarantee, and an easy to use product. Check out our products and accessories, such as the Synthetic Urine Belt, and make that call today.



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