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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Test

You did all the hard work of detoxing to ensure your urine is clean only to find out you have to give them a hair sample. You really want the job so now what do you do. The good news there are options and Quick Fix Synthetic is here to help you pass all tests, not just piss test.

Why Do they Give Hair Test Instead of Piss Test

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A hair test is often given to evaluate if specific substances or their by-products exist or not. Considered to be error-free, it can designate substance use leading back to 90 days.

Also known as hair follicle testing (the follicle is not tested) in which the hair strand is only tested, be aware that the follicle is the portion of one’s scalp where the hair grows out of the body. Yep, they don’t want the hair follicle after all, and for good reason.

Keep in mind that any substance metabolites (the body’s ability to change ingested substances) is transferred through the body’s blood vessels and placed near the papilla (this creates hair strands).

As this papilla gives rise to hair, the molecules from a substance grow in the actual cortex (middle layer of the hair). You see what they are doing now? They are looking at substance history.

Substance History is in The Cortex

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They see all your business by taking a deep look at your hair strands. The cortex (the main area of hair) also is linked to substance testing since it is heavily populated with pigment and keratin (a strong protein).

So as any substance metabolites grow inside the strands of hair, additionally they now exist in the hair cortex. This is the reason why one cannot simply shampoo their hair to pass a hair test.

Hair Test Procedure

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To accomplish hair texting, usually, 120 hair strands are needed. The sample is accomplished by clipping some hair that is as near to one’s scalp as possible. Usually, labs often can work with hair that has a length of one inch or less since short hair is a popular style.

The scissors are cleaned with alcohol to ensure cleanliness, prior to obtaining the hair sample. Once the sample is collected, it is placed in a special testing foil. The individual providing the sample then usually signs and dates the outside of the sealed specimen envelope.

Next, this envelope is placed inside a shipping bag and forwarded to the laboratory that is designated. At the laboratory, the hair sample is rigorously washed and liquefied inside a solvent. Any substance metabolites will break apart from the strands of hair which is then detected and evaluated.

Today due to state-of-the-art technology, a cut-off level (or specified concentration) is nearing zero tolerance. This indicates that even an individual who uses a certain substance occasionally or even one time only may fail a hair test.

Urine Test Are Less Specific Than Hair Test

Quick Fix Detox

Another vital aspect of a hair test to be mindful of is that there are specific substances that are detectable more than other substances. A hair test will accurately measure any substance molecule that is lodged inside of a hair-shaft and does away with any outside contamination which leads to positive test results.

Because the growth of hair is nourished by the body’s bloodstream, the act of taking a substance is determined by viewing samples of hair strands for evaluation. Usually, its final results cannot be changed with the use of bleach, general shampoos or certain chemicals.

Occasionally a substance screening test is achieved by testing an individual’s urine. However many substances cannot be discovered in the urine sample after a period of 72 hours have passed (most substances are removed from the body after this time).

This obviously makes it hard to detect any substance use by initiating a random test or even to monitor any treatment provided for any abuse of a specific substance.

The use of a hair test is now the most used technique to detect any substance. Hair samples provide a picture by indicating habitual use over a period of time and what substance was used. This widely used technique also indicates if an individual has not been using any unlawful substance for about 30 to 90 days.

You Can Beat a Hair Test

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However, there are products available that do eliminate contaminants from the body’s hair shaft. That’s right, passing the hair test is possible with dirty hair (positive hair).

Get Clean Shampoo

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One to consider is  detox shampoo which also provides a conditioner. This unique shampoo actually works by covering hairs with a film similar to a conditioner. As the lab technician removes the hair strand samples, the shampoo that has attached to the hair also exists with it.

As the hair breaks down, the shampoo residue then interacts with any substance which had been left on the hair, thus hiding any substance. Get Clean Shampoo works extremely well as it removes all toxic substances from hair for up to five hours.

Does Zydot Ultra Clean Work For Hair Test?

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Another option for passing a hair test is Zydot Ultra Clean Hair Kit which offers customers the Ultra Clean shampoo (this contains Aloe Vera to condition hair and scalp simultaneously), plus a conditioner comprised of an intensified formula which leaves ahead of hair full of body.

The important aspect here is that it removes obstacles and purifies by making its way throughout the hair-shaft, detaching all substances that had bonded with hair. Use this on the day you desire hair to be clean.

A hair test can often prevent an individual from succeeding. By being informed of options, you can get on with your life. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is here to help you pass every test, every time. Read our blog on effective detox and the best synthetic urine for your situation.

If your only requirement for your screening is to provide urine, we got you covered.  You can even buy synthetic urine in bulk, so you are always prepared for random screening. Don’t be scared, just be prepared. You can shop here or call if you have any questions.





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