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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine offers a flawless system for passing any nicotine test that is guaranteed to grant you a clean test result. Pass any and all nicotine testing with the proven method developed by experienced scientists with your freedom in mind.

A scheduled nicotine test can be just as stressful as a random one, as it is easy to forget when you last partook of your nicotine of choice. Look no further, because Quick Fix kit offers a same day delivery package with every purchase, giving ample time to follow the easy instructions that provide the peace of mind and security you desire.

How They Sell It

They Sell It

Preparing for multiple tests is a breeze with the option of bulk purchasing for those with the repeated need to pass a test, or provide friends and family with the same benefit. It eliminates the fear of failure due to the 100% money-back guarantee offered by Quick Fix and proven successes of the product. You have a choice between two sizes: two and three-ounce bottles. It comes in discreet packaging and appears on your bank statement under a disguised name. So, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors finding out about your upcoming urinalysis and struggle to pass it or arguing with your significant other.

It comes equipped with a temperature strip to ensure your sample falls within the ideal range. Quick Fix also comes with a heating pad. The pad provides that once you get the temperature correct, that it doesn’t cool down too much. Check out our collection if you intend to buy some additional heating pads

Why Quick Fix Is The Best

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Quick Fix is the primary trusted name on the internet for synthetic urine. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is worry free and with no chance of contamination because it never enters your bladder like many other kits on the market today. There are various products to choose from when it comes to passing a urinalysis. They range from detox drinks to home remedies. However, depending on your body composition, they could be more or less valid. Synthetic urine works for everyone. It doesn’t have any reaction with your body because you never digest the solution.

Quick Fix is formulated in a lab by a chemist who precisely matches the exact amounts of creatine, uric acid, and ph levels. All ingredients found in natural human urine. They thoroughly test every batch before it hits the market for consumer purchase. The testing guarantees that you pass your screening with no problems. If in the rare circumstance that you do test positive, Quick Fix will provide you with a 100% refund. Just show your confirmation receipt from your purchase and proof that you failed your urinalysis.

Another advantage to Quick Fix Synthetic Urine that sets it apart from other vendors is that it comes already premixed. Many other synthetic urine kits on the market require you to mix powder to create the liquid that you use for the screening. That is not only a hassle, but it puts the solution at risk of contamination and prone to accidents that could compromise your ability to pass.

How To Use Synthetic Urine

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is easy to use, and they provide detailed instructions with the package. Quick Fix offers two size categories, standard and, granting two or three ounces of urine with temperature to match. The procedure is simple and begins with heating Quick Fix Synthetic Urine for ten seconds in the microwave before placing it in the provided bottle. Merely replace the cap and shake until the solution looks heterogeneous. If for some reason you overheat the bottle, all you have to do is wait for the temperature strip on the outside of the container to reach the range of 90-100 degrees.

If for some reason you can’t microwave it before your screening, wrap the heating pad around the bottle of synthetic urine, and it will heat up gradually. Attach the container in a hidden and warm spot on your body, and if the temperature falls, partner it with the provided heating pad to reach optimum temperature. Before you go into the sting facility, double check the heat and put it back in a warm location that no one can see. At this point, the next step it pouring it into the cup given to you at the clinic and returning it with the satisfaction and relief of knowing your test will come back clean. Make sure that you don’t pour all the entire amount in the cup. An exact amount might signal a red flag. Bring the bottle back out with you and make sure you pee a little in the toilet, so it looks legitimate. The synthetic urine will hold heat for up to six hours, more than enough time to get from home to laboratory with time to spare.

Whether thirty days, ten days or one day before the test since your last endeavor, Quick Fix will allow you to pass a nicotine test, with the proven system offered. It is developed with all the necessary components and is undetectable when the facility test the sample. The synthetic urine is not gender specific. Discreet packaging allows those with disapproving partners or family the peace of mind to use the product without unwanted conversation or nagging. Whether the circumstance arrives or not the ability to confidently pass a nicotine test with this system is well worth the cost. The synthetic urine is competitively priced. It’s just another one of the many perks to this product.

Recently, there has been some confusion about people buying an imitation product. These want to be’s come in packaging similar to the originals. But, Quick Fix has taken measures to combat this issue by switching up their packaging.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has the solution to your problem. There are no interruptions in your smoking routine; you can pass your screening with no issues. Look to the name you can trust, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, and know it will prove time and time again the guaranteed success of any drug test you face.

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