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Quick Fix Batch Numbers

As companies and labs are getting increasingly efficient at finding the “fake” urine specimens out there, Quick Fix Synthetic continuously creates products that are ahead of the game; products that are still undetectable and that will garner great results.

That being said, when you purchase a Quick Fix product, you want to always check out the product first, read the instructions, and do a batch number check before using the product during a urine screening.

While we guarantee our product 100%, every product has a shelf life and directions that need to be adhered to, to make the product work favorably. Below we have some tips and tricks for learning how to read the Quick Fix batch numbers and using your product.

What is a Batch Number?

A batch number on a Quick Fix Synthetic product is what tells you when the product was made and primarily when it expires. All batch numbers will be located on the top left-hand corner of the instruction sheet that comes with your product or at the bottom of the box.

A batch number is there to not only help you figure out the shelf life on the product but also its authenticity. Batch numbers as of 2/2019 are now printed on the actual bottle itself.

Checking the batch number is the only sure way to know that you have purchased a product that actually came from the right manufacturer, specifically Quick Fix Synthetic. There are so many bootleg copies out there that you can easily get confused.

This is why the batch numbers are included with all of the products. They tell you when the product was produced, and they also tell you that they came from Quick Fix Synthetic, and not from some other brand.

If you don’t have a batch number, or you cannot verify the batch number, you have purchased an inauthentic product for your tests.

Ensuring Quality Quick Fix Products

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When you are purchasing Quick Fix for your nicotine screening or any other urinalysis, you have some very important things you need to do before actually taking the test.

First things first, you must check your Quick Fix batch numbers, You cannot simply purchase something that looks as though it will work. The only way to ensure that you are getting the genuine article is to check the batch numbers and understand how the product works.

Purchasing Quick Fix for your nicotine tests means that you are getting a pre-mixed synthetic urine sample that can be used for any kind of nicotine test.

Those nicotine test samples are perfect for those who need help with nicotine or alcohol screenings, but those who make the purchases need to remember that they cannot simply purchase anything and hope for it to work.

Again, always do your due diligence, read instructions and do a Quick Fix batch number check before use, as it can be the difference between keeping your job or being forced to look for another one.

One thing that Quick Fix Synthetic does that is fantastic for its customers is that it has a batch “validator” on the Spectrum Labs website. Spectrum Labs is the laboratory that creates all of the synthetic urine that is distributed by Quick Fix Synthetic.

The validator is essential because it can help you to spot a product that is real and effective, over one that is expired or fake.

You have to make sure that you check the quick fix batch number to ensure that it is real. There are many bootleg copies of the product out there, and the only way to know that you are purchasing a good product, worthy of the Quick Fix name, is to check the quick fix batch number.

Again, the quick fix batch number is located on the top left corner of the directions that are inside the box. Yes, you cannot check the batch number until after you make a purchase, but you can review the batch number before you use the product.

If you have purchased something that is not genuine, you cannot assure that it will work.  If you have your job, financial security, or legal matters on the line with your urine screening, do you really want to take a gamble with a product that is sub-par or expired?

If you do not buy Quick Fix through the Spectrum Labs or Quick Fix Synthetic websites, we strongly encourage you to check your batch at by contacting us. You might have purchased it from a third party vendor, and it might look like the real deal, but we encourage you to reach out to us or validate the batch number.

Also, if you bought it somewhere and it did NOT come with a batch number and instruction sheet, we recommend that you do not use it, or call Quick Fix immediately. It will give your peace of mind and ensure that you pass your urinalysis.

Quick Fix Shelf Life

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Because Quick Fix has a two-year shelf life, you can be certain you will have a good product as long as the batch number checks out. If you are uncertain, you should check with the source, Spectrum Labs, and Quick Fix Synthetic, to be sure that it is authentic.

One important thing to note is that there are a couple of factors that can affect your product. Leaving it exposed to the sun for an extended period or in a place that is susceptible to drastic temperature changes can cause the shelf life to diminish.

So if you did a batch number check of your product, but you know that your product has been susceptible to one of these conditions, you might want to call Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and ask them what your next move should be.

Contact us today!

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Contacting Quick Fix to check the batch number at 1-866-420-4574 is the fastest way to check a batch number with a live representative. If you want to check us out online, you can visit us and check out our blogs here.

Don’t take a risk by using a product that might be an imitation, or expired. Go straight to the source and buy online at our website, or over the phone with one of our representatives.  When in doubt, reach out to Quick Fix! We are here to help!





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