Quick Fix Urine & Urineluck Case Studies

As most of us know, there are many types of synthetic urine on the market today, and the question is: which ones work and which ones get detected?

Quick Fix Synthetic urine a unisex synthetic urine remains the number one selling synthetic urine on the market today.

Created by Spectrum Labs in early 2001 Quick Fix urine has seen millions of reviews and testimonials from happy customers across the world.

Spectrum Labs is the maker of the ‘urine luck’ products and have been keeping up with lab standards (which have tried everything to distinguish synthetic urine from normal human urine, such as the most recent testing for uric acid in urine).

Spectrum Labs understands the frustration and inconvenience of screenings. So, provide you with a product that eliminates the vulnerability, protects your privacy, and ensures its effectiveness.

Users have spoken, and they all agree that if you’re going to buy synthetic urine to pass your urinalysis, then Quick Fix is the brand of choice.

Why Is Quick Fix Urine The Best Synthetic Urine?

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Chemists developed the Quick Fix formula and created it in a lab. It contains precise amounts of all the ingredients found in human urine. Creatine, pH levels, and uric acid are present in the synthetic urine and result in a passing result for each screening.

Before each batch hits the market for you to buy, they test it to ensure that it will pass even the most extensive screenings.

In addition to the synthetic urine’s accuracy, it’s a convenience and also a significant benefit and attraction. Many fake pee products you can buy require you to mix the ingredients before heating and using.

With Quick Fix, you avoid the hassle because it comes already combined to ensure there’s no chance of contamination.

The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews

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Spectrum Labs, maker of Quick Fix synthetic urine, is the only synthetic urine manufacturer who has adjusted their formula accordingly to avoid synthetic urine detection in labs across the US.

Synthetic urine forums have also reported the first states to do such testing: OR, WA, WV, HI, and CA—and we have put them to the test ourselves.

Acting as employers who had just tested our employees, we sent in the synthetic urine samples to two labs in each of the above states listed. Approximately one week after sending our samples off in a sealed tamper-proof bag provided by the two prominent labs, the results are as follows.

Case study part 1: Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine samples sent out for the test at Quest Diagnostics and Metro Labs in these states: OR, WA, WV, HI, CA.

Case study 2: The following labs metro and quest contacted us with acceptance of the urine samples. Case study 3: 4 days later upon further review by Metro Labs and Quest Labs all samples came back as human urine with all properties of normality in pH balance, creatine, uric acid levels, and specific gravity.

The following chart was delivered with our testing. As you can see, the Quick Fix tests are in, and the results are real. If you are looking for synthetic urine that works, the proof is in the pudding.

Quick Fix has kicked off the new year with our own test, It has shown and will continue to show and post reviews from real people and real labs that prove Quick Fix synthetic urine works!

Buying Quick Fix

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Purchasing QuickFix is as easy as ever. You can find it on their website, and it comes with a variety of purchase options. They have tried to think of every situation for which a person might need the fake pee.

If you’re looking for a substitute for a one time occasion, you can buy a single pack. Or, if you’re expecting multiple or random screenings, or if you want some extra just in case, you can purchase multiple packs.

There are also shipping options. If you can wait a little while for it to get to your doorstep, you can choose standard shipping. It’s also the cheapest. If you need synthetic urine in a couple of days, then they can do get it there, but it does cost a little more.

Lastly, if you just found out that you have a test tomorrow and you need it overnight, they can get it there, but it’s going to cost you a kidney. Just kidding, but it is the priciest option.

Using Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Using QuickFixSynthetic urine is a simple process that will also be included on in your package when it comes. You should begin your preparations before you head to the testing facility. Open your package and warm the urine in the microwave per the package instructions.

Once it reaches the temperature of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to break out the heating pad. If you accidentally get it too hot, don’t worry. Just let it cool to the correct temperature and reheat if necessary.

Now that you have the urine warmer, place it around the synthetic urine and attach it to a part of your body that will stay warm and is hidden. Once at the testing facility, double check the temperature and put it back in a discreet location.

Don’t put it in your pockets. They will check those to see if you’re carrying anything.

In the bathroom, pour an inexact amount into the cup provided to you by the staff member and take all evidence with you back out of the room. Don’t forget to pee a little in the toilet to make it look like you used the bathroom.

Now, all that’s left to do is wait for the passing results and do your happy dance.

The reviews have spoken. The results are in: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the best fake pee on the market and can stump even the most precise tests. Don’t waste your time and be fooled by other products. Get your QuickFix today.





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