synthetic urine kit contents

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Instructions

synthetic urine kit contents

How to use your Quick Fix urine

Upon reading synthetic urine reviews and stories of how people went into the lab and delivered a synthetic urine sample that was either too cold or way too hot and failed, you have begun to search for synthetic urine instructions.

Synthetic urine can save your ass, but let’s be real: it’s confusing. How often do you really use this stuff? Once or twice in your life? So we have decided to clear up the smoke and break it down for everyone as to how exactly you prepare this synthetic urine correctly.

We will highlight the do’s and don’ts. We start with the most popular brand of fake piss out there: Quick Fix 6.2. We’ll demonstrate two ways you can properly heat the urine up and maintain the proper temp.

Before we get into that, you gotta know that the urine temperature of the synthetic sample you hand over really matters. A heckuva lot. It has to be around 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The U.S. Department of Transportation  trains drug screeners to do a number of things to make sure a urine sample is the real thing, like the following the instructions about urine temperature:

    • Check to see that there’s at least 45 ML of urine
    • Check the temperature of the urine within four minutes after you’ve been handed a sample using a temperature strip. The acceptable range is 32-38 degrees Celsius or 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit
    • If the acceptable ranges are not met, ask immediately for another sample.

And then the Department tells them what to do if they think the specimen has been tampered with.

Two Ways to Get the Right Urine Temperature:

The Quick Preparation Method

  1. Open you Quick Fix urine make sure you have confirmed your batch number located on the directions.
  1. Give the bottle a quick shake and remove the cap.
  2. Place the bottle of urine in the microwave for 10 seconds or until the temperature strip has a reading.
  3. If there is no reading, it is most likely too hot, so let the sample cool for 2 minutes then repeat the 3rd step.
  4. Remove the synthetic urine and activate the heating pad which comes with the urine kit.
  5. Place the heating pad on the back side of the urine bottle opposite side of the temperature strip and secure it with the rubber band provided.
  6. Place the urine bottle in a secure spot underwear/bra/sock etc.; never store the urine in your pocket, as they will make you empty your pockets.
  7. Upon closing the door, pull the Quick Fix out and check the temp; any range between 92-99 degrees will be acceptable. Colder or hotter than 99 will not be good.
  8. In any circumstance, do not panic: remain calm. In the highly unlikely event, the urine seems too hot, use your head: dip the closed bottle in the toilet water for a few seconds as this will cool it a degree or two.

The Slow Preparation Method

This slow preparation method is usually used for one who has no idea when their nicotine test will be and simply just carries the kit either in their car or underwear.

  1. Remove the Quick Fix urine bottle from the box and apply the heating pad to the back of the bottle (as advised above) opposite side of the temperature strip using the rubber band provided.
  2. Store the synthetic urine in your pants or leg area: anybody heat will help assist in the warming process. If you cannot store the urine on you might have to heat it before use. The synthetic urine will take approx 45 minutes to reach the desired temperature of 92-99 degrees.
  3. When arriving at the test facility or taking the screen cup to the bathroom, follow the same directions as above and do not forget to give the bottle a quick shake to ensure you give the Quick Fix urine some bubbles.

Some Key Notes to Remember When Using Synthetic Pee:

  • Quick fix urine can be heated and cooled multiple times without affecting the sample integrity.
  • Synthetic urine has a two-year shelf life, and production date can be determined by the batch number located on the directions enclosed inside.
  • Remain calm and be prepared when subbing any fake urine kit.

When preparing synthetic urine, remember: if you treat it like it is your own pee and do not freak yourself out, the process will be very smooth. There are numerous video tutorials which break down the simplicity of the product such, as this video provided by our staff:

If you remain calm and avoid suspicion, this urine kit will work every time you use it. Remember: the product works and has been effective for over nine years with millions of satisfied Quick Fix users.

Millions of Americans are dealing with drug tests that get positive results.

Just so we are clear, positive test results are bad news for you.

According to a recent report from Quest Diagnostics, positive results in workplace drug testing is at its highest level in 10 years. The company is the leading provider of drug testing services and equipment in the U.S., and it has been producing its Drug Testing Index (DTI) for three decades.

The report doesn’t address nicotine testing.

Here is what the report said about positive test results:

  • They dropped for prescription opiates by double digits
  • They increased for cocaine by double digits in certain states
  • They skyrocketed for methamphetamine in Midwestern and Southern states
  • And they have been rising for marijuana in states that allow for recreational use.

You can learn more about urine temperature in our blog post, “How To Keep Your Synthetic Urine Warm.”



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