What is the Half Life of Marijuana All About?

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So, you want to know about half-life?  No, not the first-person shooter video game that came out in 1998. Wow,1998, that’s twenty years ago.

We aren’t talking about that half-life. Today, we’re addressing the THC half life in marijuana, and how it affects the average substance user.

Our human tendencies in life are to get the most out of something that we are using or want when we partake of it. You really can’t experience something when you have a limitation on it, and that is why we tend to test boundaries.

When those boundaries don’t satisfy us after a while, we do more, get more, and use more.  

Recreational use of marijuana has become increasingly popular, and with the legality of the use becoming more and more prevalent, knowledge about it has become more of a need.

And we get it. The more you use, the more you want to use to gain the full experience because the high does not last forever.

That’s all well and good, but we must be careful about that principle when it comes to the substances we use. When it comes to marijuana, have you ever realized that the effects seem to dictate how fast they move through your system?

The high from marijuana doesn’t last very long. Don’t worry; it’s not just you. This singularity is known as Biological Half-Life.

So, What Is The Half Life?

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Half-Life occurs in many substances, and we mainly hear about it when it comes to radioactive material. In scientific terms, the half-life is the amount of time that it takes for a substance to lose half of its elements and continue to break down until it is out of your system. Makes sense? Well, we’ll look at it a little more.

Why Do We Measure The Half-life And Not The Full Life?

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Should we account for the entire impact of the drug? Well, yes, and we are. See, the percentage of substance that is not eliminated during the half-life is the active part of the substance. So, we want to start by measuring the stuff that is active in your system; not the other stuff.

For THC, the half-life is pretty long. The reason for that is because the drug is stored in the body’s fat cells and does not readily dissipate in liquid and water.

Also, people have a lot harder time burning fat. So, for the urine and plasma, it could take up to 3-4 days for the half-life of the drug. In some cases, depending on the method of consumption and amount ingested, it could take up to 10 to 12 days.

Now, to clarify, the half-life of marijuana has nothing to do with the literal ‘high’ that you get while using it. It merely has to do with how long it is present and active in your body.

So, if you smoke more or if you ingest more, well, it’s going to stay in your system—more. Also, if you smoke versus ingest through a snack, then the effects of the drug will hit you quicker as far as a high is concerned, but the half-life will last longer with ingestion.

Why Do I Need To Know This?

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All of this may sound a little overwhelming, but knowing about the half-life of marijuana is a great benefit for you to know. Let’s say that you’re planning to detox.

Understanding this concept will help save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort when doing it.

Here are some points that will let you know precisely how half-life breaks down.

  • In the first half-life, 50% of the marijuana has been eliminated from the system
  • In the second half-life, 50% of the remaining active substance is eliminated which leaves 25%  remaining.
  • In the third half-life, half of the remaining 25% is eliminated, which brings us to 12.5% left in the system.
  • The process keeps going at the same pace, until everything is completely gone.  

The process grows longer with the more substance use during this half-life process.

Adding It Up

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If this is still a little too general for you, don’t fear. You can get a decent calculation online with a THC calculator. This online calculator will give you an estimated time of how long the drugs will be in the system, and it focuses primarily on the half-life of the substance.

It’s not 100%, but it can give you an idea. Here’s how it works.

  1. Select whether you want to use imperial or metric measurements
  2. You’ll need to select your gender
  3. You’ll need to put in your weight
  4. You’ll need to put in your age
  5. You’ll need to put in your height
  6. You’ll need to give an estimate of how much or how often you use the drug
  7. And lately, is your use recreational or medical

With all of these numbers, make sure that you are getting as accurate information as possible so that you can have the best results.

Again, remember that this calculator isn’t full proof, but it can help you in knowing more about how the marijuana that you are partaking of is affecting your body, and how long it is staying in your system. It’s a great resource.

Hopefully, learning more about the half-life of the substances that you use makes things a little bit clearer when it comes to the effects of the drugs in your system.

The common misconception is that everything is based on the high, and that’s not true. There is a half-life that is extended throughout your system even when the high is gone.  

Can You Fool The Test?

It’s good to know these things and have all the information at your disposal. 

With the increase of freedoms that come with substance use, come the responsibility to know how to live the best life you can while enjoying these. 

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