Can synthetic urine be detected in a test?

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It seems like no matter what job you apply for today, before you can even get your foot in the door there is a mandatory nicotine screening or urinalysis.

Many employers are now even requiring random nicotine screens, no matter how long you have been with the company. In fact, most life insurance companies are even making urine samples a prerequisite.

But now there is a tried and true method that guarantees clean results – fake pee, better known as synthetic urine.

That’s right; Spectrum Labs has created a synthetic urine that mimics the natural chemical compounds, consistency, temperature, and color of human urine, making it undetectable by urine screenings.

It was created in a laboratory and contains all the natural ingredients that appear in the urine. Through the magic of laboratories comes synthetic urine with the proper pH balance, the right amount of creatinine, the specific gravity it requires and it is toxin free. It is also non-gender specific so it works for both sexes.

Why Synthetic Urine is Important

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Although there are multiple and diverse products that you can use for urine screenings, Quick Fix Synthetic brand is the most reliable, when used correctly.

Choosing to buy synthetic urine can be vital for you because not only can it affect your employment, it can also affect your wallet. You can’t afford to take that kind of risk.

More and more often, health insurance and life insurance companies are asking their clients for urine screenings. Not only to test for drugs but to check for preexisting conditions.

Having any preexisting condition (i.e., heart disease, diabetes, etc.) insurance companies are more than likely to do one of two things. They will either deny you insurance or, they will raise your premium and costs.

Either way, both of these are negative consequences of a urinalysis. Having synthetic urine can ease your mind when it comes to these things and help you get quality health insurance without it breaking the bank.

Instructions for a Successful Urine Screenings

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Each kit contains a two-ounce bottle of synthetic urine, a flip-top cap, one heat pack, a temperature strip and easy to follow instructions.

The lab requirement for any urine analysis is two ounces. If a lab requests more than two ounces for a single test they are going outside of the standard guidelines and there is room for error on behalf of the lab.

Urine Powder Vs. Liquid Synthetic Urine

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People that look do research on fake urine often wonder what the difference is between powdered pee and quick fix synthetic formula.

The dehydrated (powdered) urine requires mixing, and if it is not just right, then the urine does not work. Also, mixing the dehydrated synthetic urine at work can get very tricky. You have to mix it with warm water and make sure that the mixture is just right.

This just adds into the dangers of using powdered urine instead of Quick Fix synthetic.

However, with synthetic urine, there is no mixing required which makes it perfect for any last minute situations and it can be preheated and stored earlier in the day for later use.

Synthetic urine is simple to use with just a few easy steps to follow, and it takes less than 15 seconds to prepare.

Heat it Up

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Before you leave the house for your urine test, open the top of the synthetic urine and put it in the microwave for ten seconds.

Use the temperature test strip and make sure that the urine is up to over 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Now close the bottle and shake it vigorously for a minute.

Using tape or rubber bands, affix the heating pack to the bottle. This is important because the synthetic urine must keep a constant temperature until you use it.

The bottle with the attached heating pack can stay in a pocket for approximately six hours and hold a temperature of 98 degrees. If it will be longer than six hours before using it, the synthetic urine can be reheated with additional heating packs (hand warmers) over and over again, just make sure to maintain the temperature.

Some people also choose to strap the synthetic urine bottle to their inner thigh until it is time for the urinalysis. Because it attached to a part of the body that stays warm consistently, it will maintain the temperature required.

Right before testing check the urine to make sure that it is between 94F degrees and 100F degrees. The synthetic urine must be up to temperature in order for it to work properly. Since settling does occur quickly, shake the urine and then pour it into the urine collection cup.

Proven Record of Success

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So far, up to this date, synthetic urine has a 100 percent success rate. It is so easy to use; not only is there no mixing required but it does not need to be frozen or refrigerated.

It also has a shelf life of two years. So why not stock up because nowadays you never know when you are going to need it.

If you are still uneasy and want to have a definitive answer before your urine screening, you can always buy some test strips before the day of your urine screening and check the synthetic urine yourself, just to give you peace of mind. You can buy those types of strips anywhere from eBay to

Call Now!

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you are in need of a solution for your urinalysis problem, Call Quick Fix Synthetic today! While there are many competitors out there, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been rated number one by many reviewers and is the most viable option for passing a urine screening with synthetic urine.

We are continuously improving our formulas to maintain our 100% guarantee on our product. With Quick Fix, you do not have to worry about labs and companies detecting fake urine during your urine screenings.

If you are facing possible job loss, jail time, or rising health insurance costs, what do you have to lose? Call us at (866) 420-4574, and we can answer all of your questions and help calm your concerns!


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