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How to Use Synthetic Urine

Most people know that they can purchase synthetic urine, also known as “fake pee.” It’s common knowledge that people use synthetic urine to help pass a urine test, as it is a perfect stand-in for a clean urine sample.

Knowing that it exists is the easy part. Some people, even though they could benefit from it, won’t even try it, simply because they are concerned that they will do something to mess it up and fail their urinalysis.

This fear often causes them to go to detoxification products or home methods that carry a greater risk of failure than using a synthetic urine product. So how can we help? Let us show you how easy using synthetic urine can be.

Nicotine tests are a cause of great anxiety for some people. Whether it is a new job or a random screening after an incident, they can be a real problem for those who use nicotine.

Not passing a nicotine urine screening test can cost people their jobs. It’s no wonder why anxiety levels run so high when it comes to urine testing for toxic materials in the body.

There are many methods rumored to be helpful in passing a nicotine screening, but none have proven to be 100% effective or even close for that matter.

Methods such as drinking pickle juice, vinegar, or extra amounts of water are just not helpful to detoxing, and a few of them taste quite disgusting. Save yourself the time and energy and get something that really works: synthetic urine.

Many have wondered, since the advent of fake pee, how to use synthetic urine. But using it is simple, and we will outline it.

How to Use Fake Pee or “Synthetic Urine”

Many people wonder how to use synthetic urine to pass their nicotine screening test. It is not a lengthy process at all; in fact, it is easy and can be divided into three simple steps:

Step 1

When you know you have a nicotine urine screening test or can be called for random testing, it is advisable to keep these Quick Fix synthetic urine kits in the home.

We strongly advise that you read the instructions carefully, twice if needed, and follow the instructions given. Quick Fix has been shown to be 99.9% effective with the 0.1% failure rate being attributed to user error.

First, before leaving home for a nicotine urine screening test, put the synthetic urine product in the microwave for up to 10 seconds. For those who do not have a microwave, there is a heating pad you can use as well.

The heating pad can be attached to the side of the bottle to warm it to the right temperature. You can attach it to the pad at least an hour before the nicotine screening test begins. Women can also carry the sample in their bra, again, using that body heat, and men in their underwear.

Step 2

After removing the synthetic Quick Fix Urine from the microwave, shake it for a few seconds. The ideal temperature reading of the urine should be between 94 degrees up to 100 degrees, which is the temperature range that fresh urine is expected to be.

Any reading over 100 and the synthetic urine will need to cool down. If the reading is less than 94 degrees, it will need to go in the microwave a little bit longer. It can also be carried close to the body to heat it to and maintain the proper temperature.

Step 3

Once the fake urine is at the desired temperature; attach the urine warmer to the side of the bottle. The bottle needs to go in a pocket, or strapped to your leg using a synthetic urine belt, as purses, jackets, or other carrying devices are not allowed in the testing room.

Once inside the testing room, simply pour the warm synthetic Quick Fix Urine into the specimen cup, shake it around a little to put some air bubbles in it (to give that fresh urine look), and give it to the technician. That’s it.

The results with this product are uncanny. The Quick Fix synthetic urine product matches clean urine so well, that if it is warm and has a few air bubbles in it, it will easily pass the first look of the reviewer.

Keeping it warm and making it look real, with the bubbles, are really the only things you need to do.

For those who have often wondered how to use synthetic urine, they will be amazed at how easy it is, and how stress-free it can be when you have a good synthetic urine product and follow some simple directions.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Synthetic urine is an excellent solution for those who need to pass a nicotine test. When using fake pee, you only have two things to be concerned about: the product and keeping it warm.

Quick Fix is one of the best synthetic urine products out there. Not only is it a perfect, scientific, match for clean urine, but it is also easy to use and offers a 100% money back guarantee. We understand how important passing these nicotine tests urine tests are for one’s livelihood, and we back that into a guarantee we can stand behind.

This company began with two gentlemen who believed nicotine testing was a total invasion of privacy back in 1993. Other companies may come and go, but we offer our customers a product they can feel confident in using.

By simply ordering this product, and using it as directed, your nicotine screening test worries can be over quickly and your job secured.

If you would like to see why so many people trust us for their synthetic urine needs, check out our testimonials page. Have further questions or concerns? Contact us: we are here to help you get the stress of taking your urine test behind you.





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