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Lab Urine Test

The most common type of physiological screening for people involved in recruitment procedures is a lab urine test. This type of test is not discriminating between male or female applicants, and provides chemically-based results indicating the more intimate details of a person’s life. Urine tests are the quickest way to eliminate certain individuals from job […]

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Quick Fix urine reviews 2013

So in the land of employment there comes a time in a persons life where they will encounter a nicotine screen to secure a job. With many synthetic urine options on the table one might as what is Quick Fix urine and why am I hearing so much about this Brand and not the other […]

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synthetic urine kit contents

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Instructions

How to use your Quick Fix urine With the potential job offer on the line, you decided to pick yourself up some synthetic urine to put your mind at ease and ensure you pass your nicotine test. Upon reading synthetic urine reviews and stories of how people went into the lab and delivered a synthetic […]

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Urine nicotine testing

When you hear about urinalysis at a job interview, you might think, “I’m good. There is no way I won’t pass. I don’t do drugs.” While this might be true and you might be feeling pretty confident in passing your screening, some employers and insurance companies test for nicotine, too. This situation can make things […]

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Quick Fix Reviews 2013

So many people out there doing the homework looking for the best fake pee on the market can on rely on accurate testimonials and lets be honest this is most likely the most important review you will ever read. At Passthatdrugtest.com we have gathered a years of data on our blog from consumers who have […]

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Quick Fix Batch Numbers

As companies and labs are getting increasingly efficient at finding the “fake” urine specimens out there, Quick Fix Synthetic continuously creates products that are ahead of the game; products that are still undetectable and that will garner great results. That being said, when you purchase a Quick Fix product, you want to always check out […]

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Does quick fix urine expire?

Like it or not, companies and institutions we work for are the ones to set the rules we live by while in the workplace. And in most workplaces now, urine screenings are mandated. Yes, that is right, that means that what you do outside of the workplace has ramifications within the workplace. If you test […]

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Can synthetic urine be detected in a test?

It seems like no matter what job you apply for today, before you can even get your foot in the door there is a mandatory nicotine screening or urinalysis. Many employers are now even requiring random nicotine screens, no matter how long you have been with the company. In fact, most life insurance companies are […]

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feedback and reviews

synthetic urine reviews

Are you in a tricky employment situation?  Not sure if passing the drug test is a viable option for you? With the job market more competitive than ever, more and more employers are turning to nicotine testing to find the most “reliable” people to hire on.   It is important to remember that just because […]

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