How to Make Synthetic Urine

Lab Urine Screenings

The most common type of physiological screening for people involved in recruitment procedures is a lab urine test. This type of test is not discriminating between male or female applicants and provides chemically-based results indicating the more intimate details of a person’s life.

These types of tests are also easily influenced by the help of synthetic urine samples.  If you find yourself facing a screening or a routine urinalysis, check out Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.  

Does it Look Real?

Man examining a fresh urine specimen.

Synthetic urine looks, smells and tests just like the real thing. The difference is, synthetic urine contains no trace elements that would provide positive results on a standard lab urine test. This miracle liquid can be coupled with cosmetic appendages for monitored urine testing, or be substituted for natural urine at the time of testing.

It Even Foams!

foaming urine inside urinal

What makes this synthetic urine liquid absolutely similar to the real thing is a laboratory-made pH balance that simulates actual human chemical combinations. The waste material levels present in real human urine indicates the overall chemical composition within the body.

This is precisely why urine tests are so prevalent in situations where history and lifestyle are important. Synthetic urine mimics the ideal balance of chemicals in the body to indicate a healthy and “clean” individual.

Our sample contains creatine and proteins, just like real pee, along with the right pH and specific gravity. It’s the correct color, and it even foams just a little bit. Labs are unable to tell the difference between Quick Fix’s synthetic pee and your own.  

Along with a perfect chemical balance, Quick Fix synthetic urine is delivered with all the necessary equipment to synthesize the perfect urine sample testing situation.

Heating compounds bring the synthetic urine sample to a temperature that is concurrent with normal body heat. Pocket nozzles release liquid at the time of testing in a manner similar to normal urination. Generous amounts of synthetic urine liquid is provided for a convincing test.

Three ounces is the standard amount of synthetic urine volume. Be sure you don’t use the entire amount, however. It would be very suspicious to produce the exact amount required to fill the cup to the line.

Also, check our website shopping page if you are interested in a strap or holder to keep your synthetic urine discreetly hidden until you need it.  

Passes Every Time

gloved hand hold urine sample signing okay

Once a sample of synthetic Quick Fix urine liquid is given, lab tests will discover nothing but standard body fluids. This exceptionally-clean synthetic contains the perfect amount of substances like protein, bile, potassium, and creatine.

The results of a test on this world-class synthetic urine liquid with produce stellar results indicating a healthy individual with no illicit influences or residues.

Quick Fix Synthetic urine is a convincing substitute for normal urine. It can be channeled into a sample cup in a private setting or catheterized previous to a monitored testing environment.

Using a simple lubricated catheter, this synthetic urine can be pumped into the male or female bladder several hours before a test is initiated. It adopts body temperature easily and triggers body functions that suspend the leeching of natural waste materials into the liquid supply.

Anyone can exchange their own urine for this perfectly clean and test-ready synthetic previous to an official testing situation.

Urine Test in Lab

autosampler of gas chromatography

The reason this synthetic urine is so well-formulated for official drug and chemical testing is its gender and chemical neutrality. The compounds that are combined to make this liquid mimic real human urine in every way, but it is devoid of any unnatural compounds.

It is similar to the healthy and rich urinary output of a young person whose organs are optimal, and whose urinary tract has not been influenced by the presence of foreign substances.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is absolutely clean and convincing. It has a perfect balance of normal human waste material level, and visually maintains clinical integrity through every type of testing procedure.

Each year urine testing in the United States becomes more invasive and subject to deeper screening. Chemical testing will only detect the presence of predetermined unwanted substances, no matter how sophisticated the tests become.

Quick Fix Synthetic urine is easily infused with a person’s body and has just the right amount of pH materials to indicate the presence of a healthy individual. This synthetic urine is absolutely clean and will never produce positive, or false-positive results in a urine test no matter how detailed and sophisticated the tests become.

Quick Fix to the Rescue!

man opening shirt that has t-shirt with print that say We make it easy

If you know you have a urinalysis coming up as part of routine testing for your job, or you know that the position you are applying for requires a screening, don’t take a chance and risk failing your test.

Your livelihood may very well depend on successfully passing this screening. If this is true for you, check out our website, or call our discreet, capable customer service department and they will answer all of the questions you may have about how to pass your test with flying colors. Be confident with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2.


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