How to use synthetic pee on the day of testing

When a career rests on the decision of a urine test, it can be a nerve-wracking time. Even those who do not use nicotine but have come into contact with second-hand smoke at a party may be worried that this will fail them the nicotine test. Synthetic pee works by replacing the normal sample from the person with a warm, fully synthetic sample that is indistinguishable in tests. This works better than simply drinking plenty of water and giving a diluted sample, as it can actually count as a fail on the test through giving them a weakened sample.

The steps taken to use synthetic pee

A testing lab will want to see a few things present in the sample. This includes a certain amount of creatinine, the right ph level and the right gravity of the sample.  A synthetic pee sample should have all of these things in, and should be warmed up to around 95 degrees, as per the instructions, before dispensing it into the sample cup. In some states the labs will also test for uric acid, which can also be added to the sample. The lab will not be able to test for genetic details to prove the ownership of the sample without written permission from the individual.

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